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4WD Road Conditionsin Ouray County, June 26, 2016

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Sun, Jun 26, 2016 @11:30 AM

Escape the Heat on a Jeep Adventure in the High Country Around Ouray!

 Summer has come to Ouray County! As temperatures soar accross the country, the heat wave has hit the high country as well - reaching highs in the 80's, and one day last week, it was 90 degrees in Ouray!

Of course, as the thermostat rises elsewhere, a hot day in Ouray is a breath of fresh air, and as you climb in altitude, it only gets cooler!

  Every day, it seems, there are more passes to explore, and the scenery is, as usual, breathtaking! 

At the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, we make it our business to have the most up to date information on the jeep trails. From County websites, talking to the jeep tour companies, and of course, our guests, we find out where it is safe for you to explore, and share the information as often as possible.

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Outdoor Movies in Ridgway on Townie Tuesdays!

Posted by Karen Avery on Sat, Jun 25, 2016 @07:20 AM

Ouray, southwest colorado Tuesdays in Ouray County will be Fun this Summer.  Ridgway is once again sponsoring Free Outdoor Movies in the Park on Tuesdays this summer.  

Visitors and townies alike are encouraged to bring their own lawn chair or blanket and watch these movies under the beautiful skies over town.  Everyone is encouraged to wear film-inspired costumes.

An evening in the park with family and friends, enjoying a great movie from the 80's and 90's is a great way to get together, and celebrate togetherness.

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The Black Canyon - Exploring Southwest Colorado

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Tue, Jun 14, 2016 @09:52 AM

The North Rim of the Black Canyon - One of the Best Kept Secrets of Southwest Colorado!

Often, I am asked what I would do if I just had a couple of days to explore the area, and the answer is difficult at best. After over 20 years, I am still finding new adventures, and the list of things to do and see grows daily.

Recently, on a rainy spring morning, we went in search of sunshine and a new, interesting hike. We decided to go to the Black Canyon, one of the most awesome places in the area.  I had been to the South Rim of the Black Canyon several times, and it is indeed spectacular. I had not, however explored the North Rim, which is a little further from Ouray, and so the decision was made. Every time I visit the Black Canyon, as with so many places in Southwest Colorado, I am amazed at the beauty of Colorado, and its many secret places.

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4WD Road Conditions Around Ouray, June 11, 2016

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Sat, Jun 11, 2016 @09:24 AM

With over 500 Miles of Jeep Trails to Explore, it is no Wonder Ouray is Called "The Jeep Capital of the World"!

 It is hard to believe sometimes how quickly conditions can change in the high country! 

In the past week, we have seen more snow, lots of rain, hail, and incredible amounts of sunshine. The Uncompahgre is roaring right now, especially in the sfternoons, as the snow melts off of the peaks. A trip to the Box Cañon Falls during the Spring melt off is an experience everyone should have.

The County road crews have been diligently clearing high country trails for adventurers of all types, and more and more options are available daily!  At the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, we make it our goal to obtain the most up to date information on the four wheel drive trails. From county websites, conversations with the jeep tour companies, and most importantly, our guests, we are able to tell you where to go and what trails are best suited to your needs.

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4WD Road Conditions Around Ouray, June, 2016

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Sat, Jun 04, 2016 @09:53 AM

The High Country is Calling in Ouray, Colorado!

 June seems to have snuck up on us yet again in Ouray!

Despite the late springtime snow in the high country, the county road crews have been hard at work clearing the four wheel drive trails, and more and more of the high country is accessible. Seasonal waterfalls cover the mountainsides, providing a spectacular opportunity for photographers of every level. 

The Spring colors of wildflowers and fresh green aspen leaves add to a magical experience, as the occasional friendly deer wanders accross your path.  Soon, all of the upper mountain areas will be open (Black Bear will be the last, with a projected opening of July 10), and hiking, picnicking and adrenaline pumping drives will abound!

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Hiking the Perimeter Trail Around Ouray, Colorado

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Wed, Jun 01, 2016 @10:44 AM

It's hard to believe that so many amazing hiking trails exist right outside our doors in Ouray County!

Whether you would like just a quick trek to a secluded valley or waterfall, or prefer to spend an hour or more to experience scenery seen by very few people, the options are limitless it would seem. 

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San Juan Skyway - an Amazing Scenic Drive

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Sat, May 28, 2016 @09:13 AM

Start in Ouray, and Finish in Ouray, this drive encompasses some of the most spectacular scenery in Colorado!

Whether you are travelling in a vehicle, or on your motorcycle, a trip on the San Juan Mountain Skyway is a great way to tour Southwest Colorado.

Because it is a circular route, you can virtually start anywhere along the way. A favorite starting point for me, of course, is Ouray. Travelling south on Highway 550, The Million Dollar Highway, the trip begins with drastic views as it follows along the Uncompahgre Gorge. 

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4WD Road Conditions Around Ouray, May 2016

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Sat, May 21, 2016 @07:59 AM

Adventures in the High Country are Starting to Open Despite the Damp Spring

 True to the old addage, "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes, or drive ten miles", Mother Nature has definitely kept us on our toes this Spring! April and May have brought much needed moisture to the high country, and the weather has been an adventure in and of itself!

As we all know, if it's raining in Ouray, it's most likely snowing just a short ways up the road. This is great for the snowpack, but not so much for our dedicated road crews as they work to clear high country trails for avid explorers.

Due to snow last week, county crews were forced to delay snow removal on some of the higher passes, beginning again on Monday, May 16. It has been slow going, but our guys will perservere, and currently forcast most should be open by the first part of June.

Some trails are already open, if not all the way, at least far enough for adventurers to get a tast of the season to come. The Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs work to keep up to the minute information regarding jeep trail conditions.

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Mountain Air Music Series Returns to Ouray this June!

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Tue, May 17, 2016 @04:03 PM

Ouray, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Nestled in a tiny box canyon, the mountains loom on all sides, providing majestic views in every direction. A day at Fellin Park is a wonderful way to spend some quality family time any day, but Thursdays in June are extra special. The Ouray Mountain Air Music Series is just about to begin again, with an amazing collection of talented artisits performing free concerts!

Friends and family gather to enjoy fun activities, great food and local beer, all to the toe tapping talent of two new bands each week!This year, the line-up has been announced, and if you haven’t already set aside the dates, now is the time to do so!

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Love Your Valley Fest Celebrates 125th Birthday of the Town of Ridgway!

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Tue, May 03, 2016 @04:07 PM

coldrivercity.jpgFeaturing the band 'Cold River City' out of Boulder, this years Love your Valley Fest will be held on Saturday, May 21st,  from 1pm to 6 pm in Ridgways Town Park.

Ridgways Annual Love Your Valley Fest is a free event, with $20.00 tickets available for beer tasting from over 20 Colorado Breweries. All proceeds from the event are to benefit the Ridgway Concert Series, free concerts in the park held every Thursday in July!

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