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Geothermal Heat Exchanger - Part I

Posted by Karen Avery on Thu, Aug 26, 2010 @07:00 AM

 We received a USDA renewable energy grant in 2009 so that we could exploit our geothermal resources even more fully. Here is a description of the project that we completed. The project involved modifications for five different areas, the first step being the most critical to the success of the project.

First, we had an existing concrete tank at the manganese mine spring location that had been abandoned many years ago.

  • The tank was originally used to store hot water before it was pumped back to the Box Canyon Lodge.
  • This system was abandoned because the hot water was nearly impossible to pump without significant maintenance. Pumps would quit and pipes would clog because of the corrosion caused by the geo-water.
  • Without significant maintenance the system would not work. The maintenance required made this system cost-prohibitive.
  • Because this system was just abandoned in place we had to clean out the tank before we could install our new copper coils and plumbing interfaces back to our building.

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