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Geothermal Heat Exchanger - Part II - Completing the Project

Posted by Betsy Vallone on Thu, Aug 26, 2010 @07:22 AM

Once the Box Canyon Lodge had addressed the initial obstacles of the geothermal project, the project team was able to move forward towards a greener solution.

  • The second modification we had to make was installing a drain-line from the geo-tank to the river. We wanted to constantly fill the tank with new hot water so we had to dump cooler water from the tank.
  • The third modification involved getting city water to and from the geo-tank back to our building. This modification involved installing about 620 feet of pipe in an existing culvert under the street between the manganese mine spring location and a man-hole on the far side of the Box Canyon Lodge property.
  • The fourth modification involved digging a trench and installing plumbing from the man-hole into our building and the final modification involved the plumbing required to interface to our domestic hot water and room heating systems.
  • The final modification involved the interfaces to our existing domestic hot water and heating infrastructure.

Our eco-friendly project team had done it! The Box Canyon Lodge now has a fully functioning, green, & economical geothermal heat exchanger.

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