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Green Hotel in Ouray Colorado Solicits Help from Hotel Guests

Posted by Karen Avery on Fri, Jan 14, 2011 @04:12 PM

The Box Canyon Lodge strives to be a very green hotel.  We look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet: we use geothermal  hot springs to heat water for our rooms and guest use, we have insulated our buildings, replaced windows and doors with more energy efficient materials, and changed out our commercial washers and dryers for more energy efficient models.  We recycled our older materials as much as possible to minimize impact to our local landfill.  We continue to work on our impact.  However, there are things that guests can do to help us in our quest to be green.  Here are a few suggestions to help you be a greener guest during your next hotel stay:

  1. Turn off the A/C or heat when not in the room.  Although we have sensors that help us monitor these units, it saves even more electricity if people turn them off on their own.
  2. When the outside temperature is not too warm, open the windows and let the fresh air in to cool the room rather than run the A/C.  Choose to operate a ceiling fan or box fan if available.
  3. Sleep a bit cooler in the winter.  Ask for an extra blanket rather than turning up the heat. 
  4. Turn off the electrical appliances and lights when they are not needed.  Unplug any battery chargers when they are not in use.  Even with nothing attached to them, they draw small amounts of electricity.
  5. Participate in the linen reuse program; reuse your towels and sheets rather than requesting daily changes. 
  6. Use the recycle containers and work with the property to understand what is recyclable.
  7. Carry your own coffee cup and ask for that cup to be filled when moving around.
  8. Drink from the sink.  Don't buy single use bottled water.  Our Ouray water is the best.  It is from the City of Ouray watersupply and comes from the Weehawken Spring.
  9. Limit the time spent in the shower and don't let the sink water run when brushing your teeth.  Water conservation is very important, even when in Ouray.   Ouray is part of the vast drainage that forms the mighty Colorado River and that river provides water to very dry and very populous areas in the southwest US.  No need wasting water when so many people downstream depend on it.
  10. Borrow our copy of the movie called "Bag It".  This movie was created in Telluride, a town not too far away.  It will encourage you to begin utilizing cloth bags wherever possible in your life.  At the hotel, we are currently working to reduce our plastic bag use but have not completely mastered that one.
  11. Leave brochures, rack cards, and visitor guides in the room.  We will remove them on checkout and put them in our lobby if they are in good condition so that others can use them.  It saves printing and paper!

Many of these practices work at your home as well and can be applied to your conscientious lifestyle.  Your wallet will thank you too! 

On your next visit to Ouray, stop by the front desk and ask for a free travel mug.  We are happy to give it to you for being a green hotel guest!

green hotel travel mug

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