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Ouray Colo: Canyoning & Canyoneering

Posted by Karen Avery on Tue, Mar 08, 2011 @08:45 AM

Ouray CO is a outdoor enthusiasts paradise; Ouray is home to the worlds most accessible ice park, the Ouray Ice Park, as well as many backcountry climbs and ski routes.  Guiding services and climbing instruction including rock, mixed and ice are available from our local guiding service, San Juan Mountain Guides.  Ouray is also home to Rigging for Rescue, a company that offers week long seminars whereby people can learn how to use ropes effectively and safely in technical rescue situations.  Rock climbing routes are being developed all the time and now, you can begin to learn canyoning (also called canyoneering) in Ouray too!

What is canyoning?  Canyoning involves hiking, rappeling, dangling in waterfalls, bouldering, scrambling, swimming, and more hiking.  It means using any means necessary using human powered equipment to explore any tiny slot canyons.   As it turns out, Ouray, located in SW Colorado, has some of the very best alpine canyoneering in the world!  The same geography and ecology that gave Ouray the ice park also creates an incredible spot to enjoy Canyoneering in the San Juan Mountains.  Watch this video of the sport and see if it doesn't look fun!


Now that you want to learn this sport, why not come to Ouray for the 2nd Annual Ouray Canyon Festival to be held this summer, August 13 - 21.  It is being fashioned similarly to the Ouray Ice Festival whereby there will be clinics for people to learn the skills necessary to enjoy the sport and there will be intermediate and advanced courses too.  Currently, the canyoning clinics run by the San Juan Mountain Guides are slated to include an ACA (American Canyoneering Association) Technical Course, an ACA Advanced Course, as well as a guided rappel down Cascade Falls.  

San Juan Mountain Guides offers canyoneering courses all summer long, so you could be well on your way to enjoying Ouray in a whole new way!  

Of course, after being doused in the waterfalls created by snowmelt, our natural hot springs are a welcome relief to cold and tired bodies.  

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