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Ouray County Snowshoe and Mining District Tour

Posted by Karen Avery on Thu, Feb 24, 2011 @05:45 PM
It's not too late to snag a spot in this weekend's Ouray County Winter Mine Tour. Just make your reservation by Friday, February 25 at 12 noon!

We will meet at the Ouray Visitor Center at 10am on Saturday, February 26 and return at 2pm. We will carpool to the lower end of CR 31 where it connects to Hwy. 550. Your minimum donation of $25 includes a catered lunch plus a hot toddy/tea and coffee! Please bring cash or check payable to the OCHS at the day of the event.

MINES TO BE VISITED: Guston, Robinson, Genesse-Vanderbilt, Yankee Girl, and discussion of the Mtn King, Barstow, and the Idarado. The tour will be by skis or snowshoes on the lower end of CR 31


Your expert guides will be:

Don Paulson, curator of the Ouray Museum: He will address the cultural and historical aspects of each site.

Rachel Boothby of the Uncompaghre Watershed Project (UWP). She will speak about reclamation needs and options.

CONTACT: More info/questions: Don Paulson, 325-0931;

RSVP: Rachel Boothby, UWPVista@gmail.com


One of the more dramatic instances of point and counterpoint in Ouray County is the need to preserve the long silent historical mining structures of an era gone by and the modern-day need to remediate some of these mining sites to improve the health of our watershed. Many tourists come to Ouray County to explore mine sites and sift through the waste dumps for a shiny mineral or two. However, these structures are disappearing due to collectors’ uninformed intentions, simple neglect and the passage of time, and the fact there isn’t enough money to preserve them. Similarly, it has been documented that some of these same mine sites continue to have a negative impact on our watershed through their acidic mine drainage effluent containing harmful contaminants.

This is a fundraiser for the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP) and the Ouray County Historical Society (OCHS) – to draw attention to the need for both historical preservation and remediation of mine sites. 

Proceeds are divided evenly between the two groups.

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