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Green Hotel in Ouray CO Hopes to Influence Both Employees and Guests

Posted by Guest Blogger on Tue, Apr 19, 2011 @09:34 AM

bag it movieSo, recently, we added the documentary “Bag It” to our video library at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs.  Because of our own green initiatives, and also because the story begins with two of our neighbors, I decided to check it out.

The story begins with a little competition between two Colorado towns to see which one can reduce their use of plastic bags more in a specific time period.  I don’t believe that the names of either town are actually mentioned, but I do know a couple of people who participated in the competition a few years ago. Now, perhaps just because of the natural development of the documentary, or other reasons not specified, we find out the authors wife is expecting, which causes a more in depth investigation on his part into plastic, and the effects it has on our environment. 

I assure you, even if you aren’t concerned right now, and don’t particularly like documentaries, you will start to think twice every time someone asks “Paper or plastic?” or “Would you like a bag for that?” once you sit through even a portion of this film. I know I do. 

Honestly, I have always understood the concept of recycling, and had great respect for people who adamantly do so, but never was very good about it myself. More and more though, perhaps as I realize how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful town as Ouray, recycling seems to be the only proper way to dispose of at least some of our waste. 

Of course, here at the hotel, and other public areas, it is easy to recycle; the bins are clearly marked, and emptied for us, basically all we have to do is….well, nothing. At home, on the other hand, it actually takes a little bit of work. We have to separate our own recyclables, and arrange for proper pick up. Some places actually charge us for the service!  Now, I have a friend who told me the other day that the price of aluminum has recently gone up, and he is madly collecting as many cans as he can to turn in for a little bit of cash. There has also been some talk about adding a $.05 tax to glass containers, and increasing the turn in value for them.  Plastic, on the other hand does sometimes seem to be the redheaded step child in the recycling world. Not bottles, most of which are clearly marked, but all of the other little items we consider to be disposable that just aren’t. 

Now granted, I am not suddenly become a fanatic about recycling, and I certainly don’t obsess too much, but suddenly, as I investigate more and more the value of going green, and the dedication it takes for any business to follow a green path, I must admit, I did leave my groceries at the store and walk home to get my bags the other day. 

About the author:  Maria Ziemba works at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs and raises her daughter in Ouray.  She strives to be environmentally conscious but realizes there are ways to always improve.

About the movie: :  Bag It -- on Public Television  Find a Broadcast Screening Near You!  

About the lodge:  We strive to be a green hotel and realize there are many areas where we can work to improve but we continuously look for ways to save green by being green.

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