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Obtaining a Marriage License in Ouray, Colorado

Posted by Guest Blogger on Mon, Aug 29, 2011 @08:40 PM

If only all of your destination wedding details in Ouray, Colorado could be as simple!

7   WeddingWith so many things that go into planning your Colorado wedding it is sometimes very easy to overlook the most critical of details like your Marriage License!  Luckily, Colorado is not as stringent as some other states when trying to obtain that all important piece of paper to seal the deal.   

cake 2Once you arrive in Ouray and have decided to take the plunge you will head over to our County Court House located at 541 Fourth St. in Ouray to fill out the necessary paperwork for your license.  The Clerks office at the Courthouse is open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, which is where you will need to go. (Excluding all holidays)


Your next order of business is meeting the requirements for marriage in Colorado.


  1. You will need to be 18 years or older and bring either your birth certificate or driver's license for your proof of age.  If you are under 18 you must have a parent or legal guardian present.
  2. If you are divorced you will need to provide proof of the dissolution of your last marriage.
  3. Finally, you will pay the $30 fee for your license.  The license is valid 30 days from the date issued.

colorado destination weddingsOne of the best aspects of getting married in Colorado is that anybody can marry you.  You do not need a member of the clergy or a Justice of the Peace to officiate your nuptials; in fact, you can marry your partner all alone under a waterfall or high on a mountain peak, no witness necessary.  Just make sure that your Certificate is returned to the County Clerk and Recorder who issued the license within 60 days of the marriage date


So, it’s just that simple to get a Marriage License here in beautiful Ouray.  Now you just have to make it through the wedding!


Weddings can be not only one of the most beautiful days of your life but also one of the most stressful.  If you are thinking about having your destination wedding in Ouray, Colorado and would like some more information on how to make it happen please feel free to contact us at the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs and Ouray Event Planning.

About the author:   

Nikki Komar works at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs.  She works with many of our groups including family reunions and destination wedding couples.  She lives with her husband and four children in Ouray.  

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