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Cashore Marionettes at the Wright Opera House this March

Posted by Sarah Martin on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @10:57 AM

ocpag-3.jpgThe Ouray County Performing Arts Guild has outdone itself again, bringing us the artistry and talent of internationally acclaimed artist Joseph Cashore and the Cashore Marrionettes. Join the magic at the Wright Opera House on March 13th from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm for a unique story told through the precise movements of expertly crafted marionettes. The show the world famous Joseph Cashore is currently performing is called ‘Life in Motion.’ Watch the incredibly lifelike enactment as the dolls silently elevate once mundane everyday activities with tasteful music in the background.cashoremarionettes1.jpgExperience how the dolls captivate the audience’s range of emotions of happiness, sorrow, humor, and love without saying a word. This touring show is a unique work of art that will automatically be appreciated at first glance of the marionettes. Furthermore, you will be astounded to see how gracefully the puppets flow and move in an unbelievably realistic manner. It is truly an underappreciated art form that needs to be seen to be understood.

cashoremarionettes2.jpgJoseph Cashore is an award winning artist that truly makes the characters come to life through years of practice and accuracy. He has come remarkably far from creating his first marionette at the age of 11. He has not only produced puppets that are clearly a physical work of art, but he has brought them to life through specific movement of copious amounts of string. Through hard work and dedication, he has even been awarded the highest of honors in his field by winning the UNIMA Citation of Excellence. The ‘Union Internationale de la Marionnette’ is the oldest theater rganization in the world. To win this award, you must be able to move the public with your work. We are lucky to have Mr. Cashore in our small town of Ouray willing to perform for such an intimate audience.

bclwinter2.jpgIf you are truly moved by the show and want to venture further into the head of Joseph Cashore, stay after 3:30pm for a short demonstration and explanation on his life of puppetry. The show and the lecture are a steal of a deal for an afternoon of entertainment for just $15 for adults and only $5 for students. Not only that, the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs is offering an additional 10% off of your stay for guests who have purchased tickets to this special event!

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