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Jeep Trail Conditions, October 2015

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @03:13 PM

It has started to get a little bit more chilly in the afternoons and evenings in Ouray County, and as rain falls at 7800 feet, there is little doubt snow will be falling at 10,000 feet and above.

The leaves have passed their peak, but many still cling to the branches, almost in anticipation of the coming cold that will eventually send them spiralling to the forest floor.

As  of today, the majority of trails are still open. Waiting for adventurers to explore the many spectacular spots in the high country one last time before winter covers them in deep drifts of snow until next yrear. Of course, considering the fact that we did indeed get some snowfall in Ouray this morning, one must wonder if the open roads will last much longer...


Based on the County Websites for San Miguel, Ouray and San Juan, here is a list of back road conditions as of Thursday, October 22, 2015:


Animas Forks - OPEN
Bolam Pass - OPEN
California - OPEN
Clear Lake - OPEN
Cinnamon Pass - OPEN
Corkscrew Pass - OPEN
County Road 110 - OPEN
County Road 2 - OPEN
Cunningham Gulch - OPEN
Engineer Pass - OPEN
Hurricane Pass - OPEN

Kennebec Pass - OPEN
La Plata Canyon - OPEN
Lobo Overlook - OPEN
Maggie Gulch - OPEN
Mineral Point - OPEN
Minnehaha - OPEN
Minnie Gulch - OPEN

Owl Creek Pass - OPEN
Picayune - OPEN
Placer - OPEN
Poughkeepsie  - OPEN
Roaring Fork - OPEN
Scotch Creek - OPEN
South Mineral Road - OPEN
Stony Pass - OPEN
Treasure Mountain Loop - OPEN
Yankee Boy Basin - OPEN

 As always, please remember to practice extra caution in the high country this time of year. Be sure to bring plenty of layers, because if it is chilly in Ouray, it may be snowing just a short ways away. Please be sure to let someone know where you plan on exploring as well. As more and more of the jeep companies close for the season, traffic on the four-wheel drive trails drops as well, so getting stuck in the snow, or a flat tire could result in having to hike all the way back to town.

And of course, don't forget your camera! If you thought the scenery was awesome in Spring, Summer and Fall, as snow begins to blanket the mountainsides, there is an entirely new type of beauty out there.




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