Ouray Colorado Vacation Guide and Trip Planning Information for SW Colorado

The 33rd Annual Ridgway Rendesvous

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Mon, Jul 17, 2017 @04:11 PM

Run by artisits, for artists, the Ridgway Rendesvous Art & Craft Festival is recognized nationwide for unique treasures!

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Outdoor Movies in Ridgway on Townie Tuesdays!

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Wed, Jul 12, 2017 @01:36 PM

Tuesdays in Ouray County will be Fun this Summer.  Ridgway is once again sponsoring Free Outdoor Movies in the Park on Tuesdays this summer.  

Visitors and townies alike are encouraged to bring their own lawn chair or blanket and watch these movies under the beautiful skies over town.  Everyone is encouraged to wear film-inspired costumes.

An evening in the park with family and friends, enjoying a great movie from the 80's and 90's is a great way to get together, and celebrate togetherness.

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Five Roads from Ouray to Telluride

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Mon, Jul 10, 2017 @12:24 PM

With over 500 miles of accessible 4WD trails at our doorstep, is it any wonder Ouray is know as the Jeeping Capitol of the World?

When driving to Telluride in the winter, or in a sedan, or if you're in a hurry, it is a circular route down Highway 550 to Ridgway, turn on to Highway 62, then a few miles further down the road, turn onto Highway 145 which takes you to a town very similar to Ouray, but a mountain range away. The entire drive is forty-seven miles and takes about an hour.

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Four Wheel Drive Road Conditions Around Ouray - July 2017

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Mon, Jul 03, 2017 @10:41 AM

 Ouray, San Miguel and San Juan County Have been working feverishly to open all of the passes for four wheel drive adventurers! As of 3pm on Sunday, July 2, 2017 - the rock slide and road damage on Engineer Pass was completely repaired. Thank you to Ouray County crews and the folks from Switzerland of America Jeep Tours for all of your hard work!

The weather has been warm all over, but here in Ouray, we are looking forward to days in the upper 70's, with the Fourth of July forecasted to reach a high of 82* - perfect for getting drenched at the water fights!

Switzerland of America Jeep Rentals and Tours is a wonderful source to everyone for the most up to date trail conditions. As they travel the trails, they are meticulous in updating their website, and the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs with precise information. They also offer a 10% discount to our guests for all of their jeep tours! Of course, here at the Box Canyon Lodge, we depend quite a bit on the first hand information from our guests as to the conditions of trails, and share this with as many people as we can to ensure everyone has a safe and exciting time in the high country.

As of today, July 3, 2017 - the trail conditions are as follows:

Alpine Loop - OPEN - from Switzerland of America - The Loop is now cleared over Cinnamon to Lake City, and back via Engineer to Mineral Point. Note: The rugged and technical west side of Engineer is still closed! You must come down through Mineral Point into Animas to exit. Expect heavy snow melt to cause deep trenches on the downhill portions from the Cinnamon summit.

Animas Forks - OPEN
Black Bear Pass  - Closed
Bolam Pass - OPEN
California - OPEN
Clear Lake - Closed
Cinnamon Pass -  OPEN 
Corkscrew Pass - OPEN
County Road 110 - OPEN
County Road 2 - OPEN
Cunningham Gulch - OPEN



Engineer Pass - OPEN 
Hurricane Pass - OPEN
Imogene Pass - OPEN - From Switzerland of America "Conditions are still extremely icy in the early mornings and slushy throughout the day. Please use extreme caution as you reach the top of the pass. 25 foot snow banks on Tellruide’s side makes for narrow and limited passing."
Kennebec Pass - OPEN
La Plata Canyon (County Road 124) - OPEN
Lobo Overlook - Closed

Maggie Gulch - - OPEN
Mineral Point - Closed
Minnehaha - OPEN
Minnie Gulch - OPEN
Ophir Pass - OPEN
Owl Creek Pass - OPEN

Picayune - OPEN
Placer - OPEN
Poughkeepsie  - Closed
Roaring Fork Closed by the 412 Fire
Scotch Creek - OPEN
South Mineral Road  - OPEN to trailhead
Stony Pass - OPEN to Pole Creek crossing
Treasure Mountain Loop - OPEN
Yankee Boy Basin - OPEN

 As always, regardless of the time of year, please remember to be safe in the high country! Weather can change quickly and dramatically. If you come across a portion of road or weather that makes you uncomfortable, turn around. With over 500 miles of four wheel drive trails in easy access of town, there is no reason to put yourself at risk.

Remember to always bring layers. The sun might be shining one minute, and a downpour hit the next. With that in mind, sunscreen might sound ridiculous, but sunburns do hurt. Check either with us, or one of the many jeep rental/tour companies for the most up to date road conditions. There is no sense in getting yourself stuck in a bad spot if you don't have to. Please remember the rules of the road when adventuring on the high country. Be considerate of your fellow jeepers and four wheelers!

As OHV's become more popular, we get a lot of questions regarding in town usage. Please read our town ordinances by clicking this link, as the Ouray Police Department has been working diligently to enforce the laws pertaining to OHV's and will no longer be giving warnings to individuals who are violating the ordinance; instead, they will be cited with a ticket. The first offense is a $100 fine, the second is $300 and anything after that, will be a court summons with a $300-$500 fine. 

There are some amazing jeep tour and rental companies in Ouray, who are always happy to help with information, and of course a tour means you don't have to worry about where you're going, just whether there is enough memory on your camera!

No matter what, HAVE FUN! The San Juan Mountains are beautiful, and never quite the same.

Temperatures are rising all over, it's time to cool off in the high country!

Contact Us! Let the Box Canyon Help You Experience the Jeep Capital of the World Today!

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An Old Fashioned Fourth of July in Ouray, 2017

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Mon, Jun 26, 2017 @02:20 PM

The Fourth of July in Ouray is always a grand celebration. From parades and water fights, to barbecues and free concerts in the ark, there are few places that take having fun so seriously.

The weather was on our side again this year, so we expect yet another epic firework display. As the Volunteer Fire Department fires illuminations into the sky above town, there are few places you will see such an awesome show!

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How Do You Get to Ouray Colorado?

Posted by Karen Avery on Tue, Jun 20, 2017 @12:05 PM

Getting to Ouray by AIR:

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Four-Wheel Drive Road Conditions around Ouray - June 15, 2017

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Thu, Jun 15, 2017 @02:41 PM

Well, it has been a great week for the road crews! As Ouray, San Miguel and San Juan County feverishly clear the high country, Mother Nature seems to be helping us out, and more and more trails are safe for adventure.

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Ouray Mountain Air Music Series this June, 2017

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Tue, Jun 06, 2017 @02:15 PM

Last week was the first free concert in the park this year, and despite a little rain, it was a marvelous success!

Once the storm ended, those brave enough to wait out the downpour were rewarded with an amazing rainbow display, seeming to embrace the park and complement the awesome music as it echoed through our tiny box canyon. Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas followed the opening band iZCALLi, and the music, coupled with the beauty of the San Juans was supreme.

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Jeep Trails Around Ouray are Opening!

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Tue, May 30, 2017 @11:57 AM

The month of May brought us beautiful spring weather as well as some much needed moisture. Everywhere you look, the land is becoming green and filled with wildflowers. Seasonal waterfalls are appearing all over, and the world appears to be taking a deep breath in prepartion for another summer of endless four wheel drive adventures.

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Four Seasons in Southwest Colorado

Posted by Maria Ziemba on Wed, May 17, 2017 @05:35 PM

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the majesty of the San Juan Mountains is Second to None!

When the last of the snow has melted from the highest peaks, the rivers run high, and the reds blues and yellows of a world of flowers create a rainbow accross the land.

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